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Ragas draw on cultural memory: Musicologist

“A raga is a formless form – formless because it represents only a possibility of an aesthetically coherent and emotionally satisfying manifestation. And, a form...

11. Priyanka Dsouza and Khadim Ali

Tales from conflict zone

Delhi-based artist, Veer Munshi, for the past three years, has been making frequent trips to Kashmir, a home he left over two decades ago. But, as an artist, he wants to...

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Dutch artist Juul Kraijer’s fascinating world of art

Of Dutch origins, Juul Kraijer was born in Assen in 1970 and attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Rotterdam and is married to Aji V. N, an Indian artist.  It would not...


Gandhi’s rare portrait on sale

An unknown pencil portrait of Gandhi, drawn from life and inscribed by the sitter, is set to be offered at Sotheby’s London on 11 th  July with an estimate of...


American artist Man Ray and his muses

Even though he was mainly known for his photography but American visual artist Man Ray wanted to be primarily known as a painter. He invented a new technique in...

NS Harsha’s exhibition at Mori Art Museum

NS Harsha’s exhibition at Mori Art Museum

At the Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, a monumental installation, ‘Nations’ by artist NS Harsha is being hosted as part of his mid-career retrospective, titled, “NS...

Impressions from the fairyland

Impressions from the fairyland

Sumakshi Singh likes to create fairytale-like artworks and installations. Her art works are very colourful and give an impression as if they have grown out of the floors...

Tehkhana exhibition

Tehkhana exhibition – preserving and appreciating memories

Art Centrix Space brings Custodians of Time – ‘Tehkhana’ – an exhibition of preserving and appreciating memories. The unique exhibition curated by Monica Jain...

Pallav Chander

Art is a therapy for me – Pallav Chander

Artist Pallav Chander is back with his second solo show, Life Must Have Its Mysteries’, which according to the Delhi-based artist is autobiographical in nature. He has...

Maria Galea’s

Lyrical colour palette – Maria Galea’s

International artist Maria Galea’s artworks are like painted poems seamlessly flowing with beautiful colourful hues. The artist from Malta, Europe created 13 vivid and...