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An initiative of Good Cause – an NGO


kala ghoda1

Kala Ghoda: Much more than an art festival in Mumbai

  Kala Ghoda is an art district in south Mumbai. Some of the city's most prestigious heritage buildings, museums, art galleries and educational institutions such ...

Shelf of Art Jargon

Words that make you understand Art better (Picture Credits:; Over-Culture) Every simple picture has the linen of ideas and words of ...

Affliction got lucky!

Affliction got lucky! (Another series of artists whose impairment was no longer an obstacle in the field of performing arts) Though, only ...

Affliction got lucky!

Artists whose impairment became one of their ‘abilities’ It's never about limbs and not always about the brains to identify or ...

Art Marrying Social Causes: Art Activism

(It’s better to watch, observe and rebel rather to shout, fight and restrict) Art Marrying Social Causes: Art Activism (It’s better to ...

Neon and Sculptures! – Villa Design Group

(Picture Credits:, Villa Design Group installation at Art Basel, Miami Beach) It’s a dynamic world of art and there are ...

Sattriya Dance

“Love for dance is seamless. Cultures differ but the passion for dance remains, and no border can define it. Dance ...

Feministic influence in Indian Art

Women – a concoctive subject Women have always been one of the most interesting subjects to portray through art in India, ...
vangog selfie

Evolution of self-portraiture

Self-portraiture is a long established form of art dating from Ancient Egypt. Since then, many of the Old Masters as well as modern ...

From Palate to Palette: Art and Food!

(Picture source: Food, one doesn't have to define how food has been an important part of our lives. One has ...
Eycks art

Depiction of Christianity in Van Eyck’s Paintings

Who is Van Eyck? Jan Van Eyck (B.C. 1390-9th July 1441) was a painter in Early Netherland who happened to be ...